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An unique combination of two brands under one roof. Proudly we present the best 1-2 of Amsterdam Southeast!
Two   hotels   under   one   roof   which   support   each   other in   the   best   possible   way.   In   the   meanwhile   already   a succes   for   more   than   two   years   in   Amsterdam   and very well appreciated by our guests. Meet   The   Open   Lobby,   featuring   Starbucks   Coffee    and discover   the   unique   combination   with   Holiday   Inn   Express. Here   we   create   the   perfect   1-2   by   organizing   your   meeting at   4-star   level   and   combining   this   with   rooms   in   our   3-star hotel    (with    perhaps    even    a    little    better    view    from    the 7th to the 17th floor). We    are    the    first    Holiday    Inn    hotel    in    the    Benelux    to introduce    The    Open    Lobby    &    ToGo    Cafe ,    where    we serve   Starbucks   Coffee .   Not   only   accessible   for   our   hotel guests,    but    for    anyone    who    is    looking    for    an    inspiring space    for    a    coffee,    breakfast,    lunch,    dinner,    business meeting, brainstorming session or a drink with colleagues.
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